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When we met Maria Grazia Chiuri !

30th March 2023 , the iconic Gateway of India in Mumbai played host to an unforgettable fashion show by Dior's creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri. Collaborating with the Chanakya organisation, Chiuri presented a stunning display of haute couture designs in a spectacular outdoor setting. Maria Grazia Chiuri teams Madras checks with pearls and flip-flops and makes good on her promise to take creativity to where the craft is. This was an exceptional moment for the fashion industry in India, as the legendary French fashion house showcased its latest collection in Mumbai, one of the fashion capitals of the country.

The event was an unforgettable experience for fashion enthusiasts and experts alike, with Chiuri's designs receiving high praise for their unique blend of traditional Indian aesthetics and contemporary haute couture. The show was an expression of the designer's interest in exploring different cultures and fusing them with the house's signature style.

But the event wasn't just about showcasing Dior's latest collection; it was also an opportunity for Maria Grazia Chiuri to interact with the Indian fashion community. In a conversation with the CEO of Business of Fashion , Mr Imran Amed, at the Istituto Marangoni in Mumbai, Chiuri shared her insights and experiences about the fashion industry, her creative process, and the importance of cultural exchange in the world of fashion.

The conversation was attended by a group of prominent fashion influencers from Mumbai and other parts of India, including Ankita Kochhar from Desizn Circle International. As a young and dynamic fashion influencer, Kochhar was thrilled to meet Chiuri and other industry experts, and learn from their experiences and insights.

Chiuri's visit to Mumbai was a testament to the growing importance of India in the global fashion landscape. India's rich cultural heritage and diversity have long been a source of inspiration for designers and artists around the world, and Chiuri's visit was a tribute to this legacy.

Moreover, the event also served as a platform to showcase India's emerging talent in the fashion industry. With the rise of home-grown designers and the increasing interest in sustainable and ethical fashion, India has become an exciting hub of creativity and innovation. By collaborating with local organisations and institutions, global fashion houses like Dior can tap into this potential and contribute to the growth of the Indian fashion industry.

In conclusion, Dior's Maria Grazia Chiuri's visit to Mumbai in 2023 was an extraordinary moment for the Indian fashion industry. From the stunning fashion show at the Gateway of India to the insightful conversation with industry experts, the event was a celebration of India's cultural richness and creative potential. It was an opportunity for the global fashion community to learn from India's heritage and contribute to its growth. And for young and aspiring fashion influencers like Ankita Kochhar, it was a chance to be inspired and to network with some of the industry's brightest stars.

Special thanks to The Istituto Marangoni Mumbai team for organising this special event and making it possible for us to interact with the living legend !

Some of the pictures from the Istituto Marangoni, Mumbai event .

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